Line 6 G30/G50 Transmitter Pouch

Custom Line6 G30/G50/Gxx wireless transmitter pouch. 

Made in Singapore, using (#madeinsg #madeinsingapore)
- waterproof outer fabric
- inner waterproof red 210T liner.
- horizontal and vertical velcro to fit any and all straps, pants, belts, mic stands, etc..etc..
- elastic sides to give it a snug fit
- transparent plastic window to let the world know u using 1 of the best performance wireless system ever.

Face it, the Line6 G30 clip suck and if u like me gig often and play often, the clip will break and break it does. and u having a hard time placing the transmitter in yer pocket, cable ties, etc...etc.. and the battery compartment is not secure enuff and a slight bump might send the batteries flying and make your day shittier if u use those rechargeable AA batteries.

So being a gigging musician i design and made this for myself but folks keep asking me to make more and sell them to i make more and selling it. 

Sharing is caring. The material use will last you a last time, gigging at the most insane of places, yes i play in a metal band and yes i do, run off to the crown and mosh while playing and yes it survive and surpass my expectation. 

Production period is 1-2 weeks depends if i am free or not. i do have a day job and do this as a hobby,