Handlebar Bag – Feedbag Stem Bag

Proudly made in Singapore #madeinsg #madeinsingapore

Stembag feedbag with elastic draw cord, easier 1-hand operations, 

Fill it with M&M’s, tools, a camera, bear spray, condoms, lubes, whatever you need to have close at hand. This is currently the biggest out there in the world.

– One-handed zipper access while riding
– Waterproof fabri
– Fully padded
– interior lined with light colour fabric for greater visibility
– Industrial Strength Removable Velcro Strap
- Its not round or square but both, for easier use.
– Orders will take 5-7 days. Full payment/no refunds.
- SGD$89


– Length: 9″
– Width: 6″

– Length: 7″
– Width: 4″

custom sizes available pls enquire, email us “owner@andybikepackingbags.com

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