Handlebar Bag – Stim FeedBag


Proudly made in Singapore #madeinsg #madeinsingapore

The Stim Stem FeedBag you love now features the single handed access you need. They’ve proven their worth on just about every major backcountry race and route that exists. As the name suggests, the Stim Stem FeedBag is an on-the go aid station for endurance riding. It offers ample food storage with fumble free one handed access via an innovative draw-cord system.

The biggest in the world right now, you can now easily fit your beloved 1.5L 100+, 1L Nalgene bottle camera lenses and more. Its not round its ovalish rectangular, i found this shape to be easier to chug things and remove without screwing up bike handling.

Stim FeedBag also work well as bike mounted lens cases for mirrorless camera systems.

– Super fast, one handed (really!) opening and closure with no fumbling to grab cord locks.
– Three layer construction: outer fabric 1000D Codura waterproof
– Thermal foam. Foam adds stiffness and insulates
– 201D liner fabric waterproof.
– Run two for tons of storage. Left and Right
– Easily used in combination with a Harness handlebar system
– Fits bike water bottles, Nalgene bottles, vacuum flask, etc…
– Dimensions – 10″ length and 5.5″ diameter
– Colours available : – grey multi-cam – green army green – guards light brown – green – navy blue – black
– Orders will take 5-7 days. Full payment/no refunds


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